100% Attendance for Year 8 – Term 2




Esha Aanam Hana Abdurahman
Leyla Abdurahman Hia Alhashemi
Rumaysa Ali Saffiya Esmail
Aishah Fakir Wardah Hassan
Safiya Hirsi Arub Hussain
Suad Farah Issa Ummarah Khan
Amira Jama Sania Nawaz
Khadeeja Khan Samra Abubakr Omar
Danua Kheer Atqiya Tasnima
Maryam Malik
Husnaa Mota
Yasmin Mussa Farah


Key Notices

Stay Safe

If you are worried or concerned about your wellbeing, or that of a friend, please click here to contact someone who can help.


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Pupils gift friendship to people facing hardship over the festive season

The pupils and staff at Eden Girls’ School, Coventry have been sharing the gift of kindness as part of their Festive Winter Gift Programme.

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