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Remote Learning help files and Getting Started Video

A range of great resources are available by here for you to get started with Teams and the Microsoft 365 Apps

Year 7 students, parents & carers – click here for help getting started with MS Teams from home

Click here for help setting up an XBox or Playstation 4 to enable access to MS Teams

Password Reset

  1. Register a reset option on
    (email address is your school and password is your school computer password)
  2. when you need to reset your password go to:

The reset link will only work if you have registered a reset option.

Download Teams

MS Teams can be downloaded on your laptop/PC by clicking download teams on this link 
and by searching Microsoft teams in your App Store/Play Store

Having Issues with teams?

  1. Register a reset option.
    (your email address is and password is your school computer password) go to security options and add.
  2. Reset your password
    The reset link will only work if you have registered a reset option.
  3. Download the App.

If you still have an issue then we will need more information to assist you.
What we will need:

1. Username. (No password)
2. Date and Time of issue (when you get the screenshots below).
3. Full Team name (eg. EGCoventry_10P1/En _MT)
4. Screenshot of error on app (e.g. replies blocked, showing error message or issue you are facing).
5. Try Teams on the browser, if it says use the app then you will need to open the site in desktop mode. Screenshot of the same team on the browser (e.g. same team on Chrome in desktop mode)
6. Screenshot of speedtest from
7. Type of device used (tablet/phone/PC/laptop)
8. System type (Android/Apple/Windows)

Also try a few classes (teams) with screenshots to show if it’s only one team that is not working or all. (Screenshots of both  showing its working or not) you will need to use your personal email or a parents  account to forward the details to

In the subject use FAO:ICT support – your Full name & form,
Someone from the support team will be in touch with you soon.

Microsoft Teams


Key Notices

Stay Safe

If you are worried or concerned about your wellbeing, or that of a friend, please click here to contact someone who can help.


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