Pupils’ celebrate triumph in face of adversity on GCSE results day

The pupils are celebrating a year of excellent GCSE results which, for some, represented a real triumph over adversity.

GCSE exams were cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but despite the uncertainty in the run-up to today’s results, three pupils at the school found special cause for celebration.

High-achieving pupil, Aaminah Rashid’s outstanding grades of four 9s and five 8s were the result of an exceptional work ethic and talent, say her teachers.

But for Aaminah, her results were particularly hard-won. At the age of just 12 years old, the young pupil became the sole carer to her mother who had fallen seriously ill. Aaminah suddenly found herself in an adult world of managing bills and hospital appointments, preparing meals, doing the laundry and cleaning, all whilst caring for her mother. Her studies and homelife were a delicate balancing act filled with responsibilities and decision making.

But despite her hectic homelife, schoolwork remained a priority for the dedicated teen who would like to work in neuroscience. She said:

“I am so very pleased by my results and I’d like to thank my family who have helped to support me. I wanted to do well and have a career, and mum’s illness drove me on to work even harder. I felt that by doing well at school, I would be in a better position in the future to support my mum. My mum is my inspiration and making her proud brings me so much happiness.”

Ammarah Patel also achieved an exceptional set of results with one grade 8, three grade 7s four grade 6s and one grade 5. The young student was struck by tragedy in Year 10 after her father suddenly died from a heart attack. Despite her shock and grief, the brave student continued to dedicate herself to her studies and passed two GCSEs one year early, just months after her loss. Ammarah paid tribute to her father as she collected her results. She said:

“I am absolutely overjoyed with my results. They mean so much to me as my dad was very committed to education and always encouraged me to work hard and do well. Being around friends at school helped me to come to terms with the loss of my father. I’d really like to thank my teachers for all their support and my Head of Year, Ms Mohammed, who helped to comfort me when times were hard.”

Sabaa Begum’s results, which included four grade 5s and three grade 4s were a testimony to her incredible resilience, say teachers. Sabaa suffered ill health throughout the latter part of her time at school. The brave young pupil spent long periods of time in hospital whilst doctors struggled to find a diagnosis. It was not until her condition worsened during Year 10 that she was finally given a diagnosis of epilepsy.

Despite taking progressively stronger medication, having regular seizures throughout the day and night and suffering memory loss, the young pupil continued to work hard at school. But in Year 10 Sabaa ended up in a coma for three weeks, causing her to miss her Year 10 GCSEs. Teachers say that in spite of all her set-backs, Sabaa was still driven to do well in school and even found the time to volunteer in the local community.

Mr Anand Patel, Principal at Eden Girls’ School, Coventry, said:

“These incredible pupils really demonstrate the heart and soul of our school community. Our school family works to support one another, through whatever difficulties we may face so that no one is ever forced to suffer alone. Together we make sure that we are all able to be the very best that we can. I am extremely proud of our pupils and I believe that, today above all days, we should be celebrating our young people who continue to achieve great things in these extraordinary times.”

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