Our Governing Body

Governor Information

Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Attendance 2017/18 Pecuniary Interests Declared 2017/18
Afzal Ismail Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Yunus Kathawala Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Ghulam Vohra Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3  None
Abdulrahman Ali Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 1/3  None
Dr. Abdullahi Shehu Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Dilara Hoque Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Sarah Bhayat Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Yaseen Ahmedabadi Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Mohammed Khan Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3  None
Anne Pluska Aug 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3  None
Sumaiya Patel Mar 2015 4 Years n/a Parent 2/3  None
Linda Thompson Sept 2015 Term of Employment n/a Staff (Principal) 3/3  None
Abdul Shaikh July 2017 4 Years n/a Staff 3/3  None
Name Business Interests Declared
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date from
Afzal Ismail


Tauheedul Education Trust

Executive Director – Employment




Yaseen Ahmedabadi

Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership

Chair in the Community

Board Member

Project Lead – Employment



Abdulrahman Ali  Eurosoma  Director  20/11/12
Sarah Bhayat  None  None  N/A
Dilara Hoque  None  None  N/A
Yunus Kathawala  None  None  N/A
Mohammed Khan  None  None  N/A
Sumaiya Patel  None  None  N/A
Abdullahi Shehu  IFR Management SU Ltd  Director  27/01/16
Linda Thompson  None  None  N/A
Ghulam Vohra

Lyng Hall School

Hillfields Muslim Association

Umar Educational & Welfare Trust







 Anne Pluska  None  None  N/A
Abdul Shaikh Coventry Muslim Resource Centre Director 2014

Note: All Governors are appointed for a 4 year term of office, except for the Principal, who occupies the office whilst in post.

NB: Some Governors attended Committee meetings in addition to full meetings of the Local Governing Body, which accounts for the difference in the “out of a possible” number of meetings attended.

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