Star Diploma

STAR Diploma

At Eden, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Our goal is for all students to be the best that they can be. We want our students not just to excel academically… we want them to develop into well rounded leaders; leaders who are ethically, morally and spiritually intelligent, leaders who make a positive contribution to the very communities they live in and come from, leaders who inspire others through the strength of their character and whose actions and conduct are of the highest standard.

The STAR Diploma awards students who attend school well, work hard and show a positive attitude. It rewards students who take part in volunteering and raising money for charity.

Through its award the STAR Diploma will recognise not only the commitment of its holder to study and to outstanding attendance and behaviour; but also reflect how they will embrace their role as a future citizen, leader and entrepreneur in the Big Society in which they will live and to which they will contribute. There are 4 awards for the Diploma that students can achieve at the end of the year:

The STAR Diploma provides the overall framework for accreditation against our vision and brings together the three curricular drivers – academic excellence, personal development and community – in a single accreditation framework:

Academic Excellence                  

  1. Progress in subjects
  2. Participation in enrichment

Character Development            

  1. Conduct – the difference between merits & behaviour points
  2. Attendance

Community Service                     

  1. Volunteering hours
  2. Charitable Fundraising

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