Computing, Technological and Creative Education

Computing, Technological and Creative Education

Students at KS3 will also study Computer Science. All learners will progress to studying GCSE Computer Science at KS4.  Skills in Information and Communication Technology will be taught primarily through discrete teaching of the Information Technology in years 7 and 8, with enhancement opportunities across the wider curriculum.  This includes a proficiency in word processing, the use of spreadsheets and databases and an understanding of issues related to the use of Information Technology in society.

Aesthetic and creative education will be provided through Art and Performing Arts (which includes Music/Nasheed and Drama lessons as part of the school’s English provision) at Key Stage 3.   Art lessons will allow learners to explore and develop artistic learning and use Computer Aided Design to explore design and technological learning through a study of materials, such as textiles.  Students will also experience aspects of design and technology through a systems and control module in ICT lessons.  Year 10 students will also be able to study a GCSE in Art & Design as an additional GCSE course.

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